Denis Martin

Denis Martin is an Assistant Professor of Music Technology and Production at York University. Previously, he taught courses at McGill University and The State University of New York in Potsdam. He is known for his compassionate approach, dedication to his students, and research-based methods of instruction. His research is focused on the evaluation of student […]

Richard Moore

PhD, York University; Master’s, University of Munich; Bachelor’s, University of Toronto. Dr. Richard Moore (ethnomusicologist, percussionist, drummer, cimbalist) is an educator and performer who works in a variety of music genres, including: contemporary classical, band, orchestral, music theatre, world music, jazz, and pop/rock. He performs regularly with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, National Ballet of Canada […]

John Gittins

Professor Gittins is a jazz pianist and an experienced show conductor, arranger and accompanist for stage and recording artists. His scholarly research is in the field of music theory, particularly in jazz, and in the history of ideas.

Amy Hillis

As a performer and educator, Amy pursues projects which build relationships inside and outside the concert hall. She is the founding member and manager of the prairie-based Horizon String Quartet with whom she has presented seven concert tours of interactive performances for schools across western Canada. At McGill University, Amy established a course titled “Chamber […]

Noam Lemish

Dr. Noam Lemish is a pianist, composer, educator and scholar. He has appeared in numerous performances and conducted workshops across Canada, the US, Europe, Israel, and in Bhutan and has released multiple albums, including most recently Pardes (2018) and Sonic Truffles (2018). His teaching interests cover a wide variety of areas within jazz studies, as […]

Stephen Koven

Steve has been teaching Contemporary Improvisation as well as jazz piano at York University since 2003. In addition to teaching at York University, Steve has also conducted educational master classes in China, Japan, Colombia, Mexico, Barbados and Bahamas. In 1993 the Steve Koven Trio was established and have since toured extensively around the world and […]