Creativity is your commodity.

More content is being created now than ever, opening up opportunities for creatives.

Forbes Magazine has said that creativity is the skill of the future, and it’s highly valued in our modern economy.

Digital Media and Visual Arts

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As automation and artificial intelligence scoop up countless jobs, ideation and critical thinking will always be valued.

The world needs creative and innovative solutions to complex problems.

Did you know?

4 ways AMPD prepares you for success

We offer academic advising specifically for AMPD students.

Unlike centralized advising services in other institutions, York University separates its advising offices by faculty. This allows us to offer you a personalized approach to your needs as a student creator or artist.

We also offer the longest academic advising appointments at York University! Our advisors reserve 45 minutes to meet with students and listen to their concerns.

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E-learning Web
Even before the pandemic, we had a reputation for award winning E-Learning courses.

Since the Mid-2000s, York U AMPD has offered interactive online courses that suit a variety of learning styles. Classes such as FILM1900: Anatomy of the Feature Film have received accolades from the International E-Learning Association and recognized in the STLHE Brightspace/D2L Innovation Awards.

In these online modules, students use popular platforms such as forums, podcasts, YouTube and Slack to communicate and share course content. Our classes encourage open forum conversations to empower all students to participate in the exchange of ideas.

Our creative spaces could
fill 5 football fields.

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York University is home to one of Canada’s largest sculpture studios, it has 35,000 square feet of sprung floor for dancers and actors, sound stages up to 4,000 square feet for filmmakers, a 2,000 square foot carpentry studio, and recital halls and theatres that seat 300+ people. With that much creative space, you will be astounded by how much of it you can carve out for yourself when you come to campus.

We have an in-house Experiential Education coordinator to help you get placements in the industry.

With school assignments, student clubs and collaborations taking up so much of your energy, it can be hard to find time for cold-calls and networking in the “real world”. That’s where we come in!

Meet Merrill, our Experiential Education Coordinator. It’s Merrill’s job to help you find placements and make meaningful introductions to professionals in your creative industry.

EE Coordinator

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Visual Arts & Art History



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Our Alumni

Elsie Ng is a product designer from Toronto. She has previously worked as a product designer at Ripple, Unity3D, and Twitch in San Francisco. In her spare time, she likes traveling and collecting old, obscure, retro video games. Occasionally Elsie also dabbles in game development side projects to keep her skills fresh.

Elsie Ng Product Designer
BDes 2012

Matthew Miller’s credits as producer include prize-winning films at TIFF, Sundance, Locarno and Busan. He produced and story edited Matt Johnson’s breakout hit The Dirties (2013), and teamed up with Johnson to form Zapruder Films, a production company behind Johnson’s mockumentary thriller, Operation Avalanche (2016). Miller is an Executive Producer for VICELAND'S TV series, Nirvanna the Band the Show (2017)

Matt Miller Director / Producer
Film BFA 2003

Nichie Enriquez is a front-end developer for Ellefson Technology, where she has had the opportunity to be a part of several innovative mobile projects such FEAST, TAXplan Canada, and Digital Story Time Theater.

Nichie Enriquez Front-End Developer
BFA 2015