Experiential Education

Learning by doing is the hallmark of our programs

Experiential Education affords students the opportunity to apply theory to a concrete experience in a manner that advances the learning objectives of a course or program.

AMPD is bridging the gap between the classroom and the work environment.

Experiential Education affords students the opportunity to apply theory to a concrete experience in a manner that advances the learning objectives of a course or program.

We have an in-house Experiential Education coordinator to help you get placements in the industry.

With school assignments, student clubs and collaborations taking up so much of your energy, it can be hard to find time for cold-calls and networking in the “real world”. That’s where we come in!

Meet Viniththa, our Experiential Education Coordinator. It’s Viniththa’s job to help you find placements for courses and make meaningful introductions to professionals in your creative industry. We will ensure that you feel supported while completing your EE component at AMPD.

Benefits of an experiential education

real world experience

Real world experience
Learn from co-workers by working on real world projects and gain valuable skills collaborating with teammates.
job offers

Job offers
Co-ops and internships may lead to job offers and other opportunities.

Industry networking
Meet people in your industry and gain connections to other creatives.

Experiential education opportunities


Classroom focused experience (CLSF)


Community focused experience (COMM)


Program based placement (PRAC)


Internships (INSP)

Student experiences

Ryan Tocheri

4th year Film Student

“Outside of Legos, I have no building experience. I was lucky that my crew was super available and understanding, and a lot of them had building experience. Without them, I couldn’t have done it. So it goes to show the networking possibilities and how working as a team is not only effective and required in the film industry, but it’s what gets everything done.”

EE CMA web

Sandra Augustynowicz

Spec. Honors Cinema and Media Studies

“Taking field placement during my final year at York University provided me with a more hands-on, practical approach that makes me feel more confident about entering the film industry after graduation. While my university courses gave me a deeper understanding of the medium and industry, it was field placement that allowed me to see how my education translates to real-life experience. The work that I have been doing through my field placement opportunity is a great addition to my resume and has already provided me with connections that will play a role in my life post-graduation. Not only do I believe that this field placement is a great way to complete my university career, but it is also one that I see as being a requirement for students who want to ensure their own success.”

Christina Sanita, Teacher Candidate

BA Art History 2019

“York gave me the platform and opportunity to connect with Toronto’s arts scene. Like many industries the art world is so much about connections. It can take a lot of courage to show up at an event but our instructors made it easy for us and it kept getting easier after that.”

EE Christina Circle
EE Gursharan Circle

Gursharan Kaur

4th Year music student

“I got the opportunity to sing at wonderful places like the Richard Bradshaw Amphithertre at the Canadian Opera Company and I was named a member of the York U Gospel Choir Leadership Team. Our end term concerts have to be one of my fondest memories! It is an experience that is out of this world and has certainly made my university experience memorable!”

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