Equity Plan

School of the Arts, Media, Performance & Design Equity Plan



The AMPD Strategic Plan (2020) states our commitment to the “implementation of significant and sustainable inclusive practices and an equity framework to promote equal access and recognition of the multiplicities across all departments and programs in AMPD.” In 2022, the School implemented the equity plan and furture strategy for the School. This is aligned with the York University Academic Plan 202-2025, The Indigenous Framework and Black Inclusion. Since launching the Equity Plan in AMPD, the University has also implemented a larger Decolonizing, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy, 2023-2028

As of July 2023, many of the recommendations and initial actions have been implemented or have shifted to ongoing priorities and efforts. We are pleased to conclude this initial phase of the Equity Plan as we shift to continued efforts for the future. Inclusive excellence continues to be a top priority in our faculty, staff and student recruitment and will remain a priority for the future. No futher specific updates will be provided here, but the framework and specific recommendations will remain to document our commitment to continued development and respectful relations as a diverse creative community committed to inclusive practices in practices, ideas and collaboration in all our relations. Further information on our efforts may be found on the AMPD DEDI site that will continue to update on activities and opportunities throughout the School.

The Equity Plan

Diversifying AMPD

Diversifying AMPD

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Interpersonal Racism

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Practices of Exclusion

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