Equity Plan

School of the Arts, Media, Performance & Design Equity Plan

AMPD Equity Plan 2022

AMPD x The Kojo Insitute

The AMPD Strategic Plan (2020) states our commitment to the “implementation of significant and sustainable inclusive practices and an equity framework to promote equal access and recognition of the multiplicities across all departments and programs in AMPD.” To that end, we contacted the Kojo Institute (“Kojo”) in 2020 to help us develop an equity plan and strategy for the School. Read more about the context and background for this collaboration.

Below are the recommendations from the Kojo x AMPD Equity Plan with status updates for each. These will be updated regularly and you can click on each area to see our progress. Regular monthly blog posts on this page will provide more detailed updates on AMPD activities and York University initiatives. I encourage everyone to read and engage with the report and its recommendations. I look forward to continuing this important work together.

The Equity Plan

Diversifying AMPD

Diversifying AMPD

Transparency AMPD

Accountability and Transparency

Leadership AMPD


Interpersonal Racism AMPD

Interpersonal Racism

Practices of Exclusion AMPD

Practices of Exclusion

Curriculum Training AMPD

Curriculum and Teaching