January 29, 2024

Final Mile Club: Strategic Thinking for the Creative Mind

In the newest installment of the Final Mile Club podcast, award-winning strategist, documentary producer and AMPD Theatre alumnus Shayna Haddon shares her expertise in the field of creative strategy and networking. Haddon talks about the importance of mastering digital skills, connecting with audiences and gaining creative experiences while forging your own path in today’s evolving world of art and culture. 

Shayna Haddon is an award-winning strategist, documentary producer and founder of the Haddon Strategy Agency in Toronto. Equally inspired by business strategy as well as charitable/non-profit work, Shayna is known for her commitment to uncovering the next bold move for her clients – both in the for-profit and non-profit space. Haddon Strategy’s reputation for long standing relationships, first-to-market products and industry disruption have often made national headlines and produced large scale impact.  

The Final Mile Club (FMC) prepares emerging artists, makers, performers, and designers for life after graduation. As a project by York University’s School of the Arts, Media, Performance & Design (AMPD), FMC examines creatives’ unique challenges through conversations with prominent alumni and industry experts.

FMC is hosted by Dr. Sarah Bay-Cheng, Dean of AMPD and a Theatre & Performance Studies professor. Dr. Bay-Cheng’s research focuses on the intersections among theatre, performance, and media.

Listen to the new episode here.