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Shayna is an award-winning strategist, documentary producer and founder of the Haddon Strategy Agency in Toronto. Equally inspired by business strategy as well as charitable/non-profit work, Shayna is known for her commitment to uncovering the next bold move for her clients- both in the for-profit and non-profit space. Haddon Strategy’s reputation for long standing relationships, first-to-market products and industry disruption have often made national headlines and produced large scale impact. Shayna was awarded the BravoFact! grant for her short film starring Nelly Furtado and was part of the documentary team that won the Bell New Media fund for the series Get Involved! on TVO. Shayna’s work has aired on CTV, MTV, Much Music, TVO, CP24, ABC and 60 Minutes. Her clients range globally from across Canada, US, Saudi Arabia to France. When she is not running Haddon Strategy, building technology solutions or launching brands for clients, Shayna is an avid youth mentor and volunteer for Covenant House, a mentor for young entrepreneurs, speaker and fundraiser for non-profits globally. Shayna is a graduate of York University’s Theatre program and a proud mom to her son.

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