June 28, 2022

It became abundantly clear, when COVID-19 sent students home to continue their studies online that access to off-campus resources are not equally available. We have seen throughout the pandemic that these needs come in the form of equipment, software, special project costs, etc., that those with more limited means have struggled to afford. The support of the Dean’s Circle group of monthly donors has enabled us to be responsive and ready to help our students with their resource needs as they arise, to help create equal opportunity and ensure that all AMPD students see the same possibilities.

Further to that, the support of this group has also helped us to create the Dean’s Student Leadership Awards, which, in their inaugural year, recognized two truly outstanding student leaders. Among the many nominations submitted, we were able to acknowledge the passion and dedication of these young leaders, rewarding them for going above and beyond, and inspiring other students to do so as well.

We are tremendously grateful to all of our new and renewing members of the AMPD Dean’s Circle, which has grown in support by almost 20% just in the past year. Your ongoing contributions ensure that we will continue to provide student support and acknowledgement, as well as support for world-leading research and creation. If you’d like to join this amazing group, please sign up here and your gift will be automatically made every month, with one coordinated annual tax receipt for all of your giving.

If you would like to discuss other ways of supporting our students, please do reach out to Len Milley by email at lenm@yorku.ca, or telephone at 647-285-5712.