May 12, 2023

Anna Hudson’s Inuksiutit Project addresses food sovereignty in Inuit Nunangat communities

Led by Anna Hudson, the Inuksiutit project (IFSNu) brings together Inuit knowledge holders, Elders researchers and non-Inuit academics to advance Inuit self-determination in environmental health policy and research. 

Using an Inuit-led, community-based research approach, the ISFNu will establish best practices for sharing knowledge relating to food heritage and sovereignty across social media, visual and performing arts, and Indigenous curatorial practice and to support youth engagement in research and training. The goal is to produce critical knowledge and undertake knowledge translation activities to inform the climate-food-health nexus in Inuit Nunangat meaningfully.  

Through close collaboration with community-based partners in two communities (Arviat and Mittimatalik) and several UK-based partners, Hudson and her team will work to define and implement pathways to food sovereignty applicable to Inuit Nunangat.