My name is Samina Shroff and I am currently a second year student at York University. I was born and raised in Karachi, the metropolis of Pakistan. I grew up in a closely knit society with culture and religious traditions being a vital part of my life. Having innumerable family ties and friends has given me a sense of security and comfort. So here I am, thousands of miles away from home, alone, to learn away from my sheltered surrounding’s, to experience a lifestyle different from mine and to expose myself to a new world.

I chose to study at York University because of my deep rooted interest in the program. The scope provided, along with the university environment, were leading influencers of my decision. Due to visa problems I began my program in the winter term and really struggled through my first semester in settling in. Over time, Toronto began feeling like home. Having experienced it firsthand, I can mentor students from a personal perspective and be an involved student ambassador.

I love painting and have always had an interest in digital media. My Digital Media program at York provides a range of exciting courses and projects that I am truly passionate about. I hope to study further in my field after my graduation and plan on gaining valuable work experience in Canada. Someday, I would like to go back to Pakistan and, through giving back, widen their understanding and use of digital media.