Dani DeAngelis

Dani DeAngelis

Dani DeAngelis

My name is Dani De Angelis and I’m a 4th year Visual Art BFA student minoring in Psychology and I use the pronouns she/her. I’m passionate about painting, art therapy, and meeting new people.

I have been drawing and colouring since I could pick up a crayon! Due to my interest in the arts, I participated in musicals, design projects, and bands when I was in high school, but I was always drawn (no pun intended) to visual arts.

I grew up in the Niagara Region of Ontario, so living in Toronto is very exciting for me!  I wanted to choose a school that would offer a variety of learning opportunities in and out of the visual arts department and in a big city that would keep me learning outside of the academic setting. I knew that a big city would be a better fit for me and after researching York’s program, I decided that York was the one for me. I chose to study at York because of the facilities, professors, and so that I could choose my path more easily as I learned what I was interested in pursuing. I was not disappointed!

I’m enthusiastic about the variety of visual arts courses available here at York. I love being able to explore new ways to create. York’s facilities help me chase the urge to try my hand at different art forms, which I’m very grateful for. I also appreciate the passion that I see from my classmates and from my professors when they teach. That alone is very inspiring!

Originally, I didn’t know what I wanted to do after my university career. After some time, I came across a great opportunity! I’m excited to merge two things I love – fine arts and helping others – and pursue a career as an art therapist with my new Minor in Psychology. I want to explore the capabilities of creative expression and use that power to inspire hope and change.

My opportunities here have been many! Last year, Suzy Lake, a Governor General Award winner and Torontonian came to speak for my photography class, which I loved! I also lived in residence for my first two years and was involved with the Residence Council. In the second term of last year, I became a Don and recreated the events and experiences I enjoyed when I was a resident. It was a huge treat working with the Residence Life team, Dons, and residents!

I plan on completing my degree and becoming an art therapist, helping people use art to express themselves as a way to cope with trauma, disability, and/or mental illness.

Come and visit me at the Student Information Centre!