Renate H. Wickens

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Renate H. Wickens
BA (Waterloo), MA, PhD (York)
Professor Emeritus
Department of Cinema & Media Arts

The holder of both the Faculty of Fine Arts Dean’s Teaching Award and the first Spotlight on Fine Arts (SOFA) Teaching Award for FACS, Professor Wickens is widely recognized for her research innovations in blended course development and is a frequent writer/speaker on issues pertaining to student activated non-linear learning technologies. She is currently working with two AIF grants: one within the Faculty of Fine Arts and the other with the combined Faculties of Health, Fine Arts and Education.

In addition to her research in pedagogical innovations, Dr. Wickens’ areas of expertise include cultural history and theory with special reference to the relational culture of the cinematic and photographic image. Much of her research focuses on the relationship between history, memory, image and text. To that end, Professor Wickens is currently completing an extended interdisciplinary undertaking in Germany and Austria for which she (along with three other artist-researchers) is the recipient of a Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) Research/Creation Grant in Fine Arts. The four-year research grant spans film, new media and photography.