January 26, 2024

Councillor Amanda Yeung Collucci Announced New Scholarship for Creative Technologies Program at Markham Campus

Councillor Collucci is a York University alum who credits education for its significant role in shaping her future. She hopes the award will help realize the hopes and dreams of future generations.

“Education instills individuals with the confidence to pursue their goals, live a better life, become a better person, and contribute positively to society,” said Councillor Collucci. “Education shapes our society; it shapes the present and future of our community.”

The Councillor Amanda Yeung Collucci’s Markham Spring Gala Award will benefit incoming undergraduate students pursuing a Bachelor in Fine Arts in Creative Technologies at Markham Campus. Preference will be given to students focused on the future of media entrepreneurship and/or digital justice, specifically ensuring ethical developments in artificial intelligence. Councillor Collucci hopes this scholarship will support students who have the courage to dream big and take bold steps towards a brighter future.

York University’s Markham Campus

“Councillor Collucci reminds us of the importance of diverse education as essential to the wellbeing of our communities,” said Dr. Sarah Bay-Cheng, dean & professor for York University’s School of the Arts, Media, Performance & Design. “Creative Technologies allows students to pursue their creative passions while learning the skills needed to succeed in the creative industries of the future.”

The Creative Technologies program at Markham Campus combines arts and innovative technologies to transform society. Anchored in a passion for social justice, the program equips students to refract the world’s most pressing contemporary challenges through their unique, creative lens to forge a better tomorrow.

Article originally published by YorkRegion.com.