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Our goal is to tell the story of the AMPD through the community it creates.

From cutting edge research and student success stories to heartwarming human moments that make you proud to be part of York U AMPD – we are here to help you tell your most authentic AMPD story.

York AMPD’s communications department takes projects from conception to completion. Our team of creative professionals is ready to elevate your next communications foray from event planning to social media support, including all the graphics, videos, and print in between.

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Our Process

Our Process

Each process is as unique as the story it communicates. Curious about how we take projects from ideas to execution? Click the arrow to learn more.

Project FAQs

Does every job require submission of the project request form?
Yes, to ensure project requests are properly documented, scheduled, and completed all projects require a project request form.

What if I forget to submit a project request form?
All projects require a project request form. Inquires made through other channels will be kindly asked to submit the project through the proper form.

How early must I submit a project request form?
The earlier, the better! More specific details are outlined in the form, but on average projects requires at least three weeks’ notice. If you’re curious about how we take projects from conception to completion, check out our process overview here.

Can I submit website design requests through the project form?
No, website development/redesign requests must be submitted to AMPD Computing – You can submit requests for online news articles, web copy or graphics through the project form.

My project paraments have changed or I am no longer pursuing the project. Who should I contact?
A team member will reach out to you within 48 hours (about 2 days) of submitting a project request, they will be your contact through the project. It is encouraged all information is finalized before submitting a request as major changes may result in a later delivery date.

Helpful Tools and Guides

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process, and tricks of the trade.

Our Work

Our work speaks for itself – no headphones needed.
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Our Team

Say hello to our team of creative professionals
behind AMPD’s communications.

Kareem Rahaman

Kareem Rahaman (He/Him)

Director, Communications
and Digital Engagement

Alomar Kocur

Alomar Kocur (They/Them/She)

Content Producer

Judy Karacs

Judy Karacs (She/Her)

Event Coordinator


Merrill Gerstmar (She/Her)

Experiential Education Coordinator

Sadie Cahill

Sadie Cahill (She/Her)

Recruitment Officer

Sarah Figueiredo

Sarah Figueiredo (She/Her)

Communications Specialist

Nicole Beno

Nicole Beno

(She/Her) Marketing &
Graphic Designer

Nesha Kumana

Nesha Kumana (She/Her)

Marketing &
Graphic Designer
(On mat leave)


Laura Sykes (She/Her)

Recruitment Officer
(On mat leave)

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