Scholarships, Awards & Bursaries

Students must submit their Student Financial profile (SFP) by the following date to be considered for the following Awards, Scholarships & Bursaries:

Step by Step Process for Applying to Awards, Scholarships and Bursaries

Step #1 - Complete the Student Financial Profile

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Student Financial Profile (SFP)

The Student Financial Profile will be assessed to determine if you have financial need which is a requirement for some of the listed awards and bursaries.

Do not forget to press send when you have completed your profile – saving your profile does not send it.

Very Important: If you do not press send Student Financial Services cannot assess your financial need and describes your financial need as “SFP Incomplete.”   You will then not be considered for any scholarships, bursaries or awards that have criteria requiring a student to demonstrate financial need.

DO NOT apply to AMPD awards on the SFS website. See Step # 2 to apply to AMPD awards

Step # 2 - Apply to AMPD Awards

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AMPD Awards – Fall/Winter 2020-2021

Tips when completing the online application:

  • All students majoring in any of the School of the Arts, Media, Performance & Design programs are eligible to apply to the Pan Faculty Awards and awards within their own programs.
  • Once you have logged in with your Passport York student number you may proceed to apply to each award you have identified. The Passport York information will be carried forward to each award. If you log out you will have to re-enter your information.
  • Include information that refers to the criteria of the award/scholarship/bursary in the statement section
  • If a criteria is being asked for repeatedly, (such as financial need, etc.) you can prepare a statement and copy and paste that part of the statement into all of the areas that require it for each award. We recommend that you do not copy and paste one statement for each specific award/scholarship/bursary as criteria will vary.

The AMPD Awards Committee will adjudicate applications in December and successful candidates will be notified by email followed with a congratulatory letter from the Chair of the Awards Committee.

Department vs. Pan-Faculty Awards

Some awards are available to all AMPD students while others are department-specific. Please check the criteria in the award descriptions carefully before submitting an application.

Ontario Student Opportunity Trust Fund

All awards with OSOTF (Ontario Student Opportunity Trust Fund) criteria require completion of residency information which requires students to have Canadian citizenship or permanent residency or protected persons status and Ontario residency. If an award or scholarship is OSOTF dependant it will be outlined in the award criteria.