Welcome from the Dean

Norma Sue Fisher-Stitt
Norma Sue Fisher-Stitt, Interim Dean

Welcome to York University’s School of the Arts, Media, Performance & Design.

University-bound students studying the arts are unique. They are preparing for exciting and dramatically growing career opportunities, as well as for those that have yet to be imagined. They must graduate with the artistic edge, practical training, critical thinking, and entrepreneurial spirit that will empower them to innovate, experiment, and pioneer new ideas and experiences, enabling them to advance their dreams, support the evolution of creative industries, and inspire the creation of ground breaking new art forms.

At York’s School of the Arts, Media, Performance & Design – or as we call it, AMPD – we recognize that creativity is a vital transferable skill – an asset that’s in critical demand across all industries, from the arts, engineering and technology to business, entertainment and public service. And this demand will only grow.

In our creative future, imagination on its own is simply not enough. We need artists who are thinkers, makers, collaborators and innovators. These are the kinds of leaders we’re preparing at AMPD. We’re electrifying the imagination of a new generation of artists, designers, filmmakers, performers and scholars who have a growing appetite for experimentation and daring artistic invention.

Throughout my own artistic and academic careers I have embraced a commitment to interdisciplinary arts education, performance and research by forging creative partnerships and seeking answers to emerging questions. I am deeply honoured to have the opportunity to help each of you realize your dreams and reach beyond disciplinary boundaries.

At AMPD, you’re an artist set to realize a visionary path. Our school will provide you with superb training, an intellectually vibrant and engaged community, rich industry connections, a network of trailblazing alumni, and world-class facilities in which to experiment, learn and lead. You will be encouraged to collaborate with peers and professionals to explore imaginative ways of thinking and doing, and to develop an abiding hunger to make a meaningful and enduring impact in the world.

We stand on the threshold of a dramatically new and radically different arts future, where the communication of our ideas and their physical and virtual expression have extraordinary value. The arts are poised to become the new currency of a creative and experience-based economy.

At AMPD, we believe that the most valuable assets for your future success are creativity and collaboration. Open your mind to the ways in which your talent, individually and with others, can change the future, and join us at AMPD to boldly define the future of artistic creativity.


Norma Sue Fisher-Stitt, Interim Dean