Eyan Yan

Evan Yan

Eyan Yan

3rd Year Film Production Student

Hey everyone! My name is Eyan and I am currently a third year student majoring in film production and specializing in sound and editing. It has been an inspiring and rewarding journey coming here and studying in the BFA Film Production program at York University.

I was born and raised in Canton, China, before moving to Halifax four years ago. When I wrote my first short story in the age of nine, I found it satisfying to observe my readers’ reactions and to receive critiques from them. Most of my writings fell into the category where humans are not able to reconcile technology and love. Besides, I was, and still am, interested in incorporating eastern horror within western contexts. Recently I managed to turn one of my early stories into a feature film idea with the generous help of the professors and the people I met in AMPD at York.

The reason I chose York is that I heard the screenwriting program only accept ten students every year. Since I had always fancied a challenge, I submitted my portfolio without a second thought and was eventually accepted into the program. Later I realized that I had the potential to direct and decided to transfer to production last year.

What I love about being in this program is that I have the chance to shoot and edit my films on 16mm film on top of digital. In my first year, I learned from a very understanding and knowledgeable professor who taught us that celluloid was not dead. Hence, I hope to join the film preservation team and continue my filmmaking career in Canada after I graduate.

Come and visit me at the Student Information Centre!