Theatre Awards

Anatol Schlosser Fund

Award Value: $700.0

Students apply by applying to Scholarships and Awards found at and completing Student Financial Profile.

Elizabeth Szathmary Theatre Scholarships

Award Value: $1850.00

The Elizabeth Szathmary Scholarships will be given annually to four (4) full-time undergraduate students in the Department of Theatre, Faculty of Fine Arts. A student can only receive this scholarship once.

Fitzhenry-Weatherhead Theatre Award

Award Value: $700.00

Given in recognition of excellence and achievement in academic studies or creative work in theatre to a Year 3 or 4 theatre major enrolled in any of York’s theatre programs.

George Ryga Bursary

Award Value: $250.00

Awarded to a 3rd year Theatre undergraduate major achieving outstanding work in theatre survey or criticism or playwriting courses.

Herman Geiger-Torel Memorial Prize

Award Value: $375.00


This prize is awarded annually by the Department of Theatre to an outstanding graduating undergraduate student in achievement in theatrical design studies.

Jean Gascon Award in Acting

Award Value: $600.00

Awarded to a theatre major enrolled in the acting stream that has the ability to work in a wide variety of theatrical forms, as demonstrated in studio work and public performance.

John M. Tait Award

Award Value: $550.00

Available to theatre majors concentrating in production.

Mira Friedlander Award

Award Value: $1100.00

Open to Theatre majors who will be completing their 3rd year of studies and continuing into 4th year

The Mac Shoub Scholarship

Award Value: $1100.00

The Mac Shoub Scholarship is given in recognition of exceptional talent and achievement in acting to a theatre major entering Year 4 studies in the acting stream.

Theatre Department Bursary

Award Value: $500.00

Students must submit application form and submission of Student Financial Profile to be eligible for this bursary.

York Independent Theatre Management

Award Value: $350.00

Awarded annually in the Spring to an undergraduate student who has displayed outstanding ability in the arts management filed.