Music Awards

Alan Lessem Memorial Award

Award Value: $550.00

Given in recognition of an outstanding piece of scholarly written work in an upper level course in Music. Awarded to a graduating Music student.

Duke Ellington Award in Jazz

Award Value: $2400.00

Application Process: Step 1: Submit a Student Financial Profile to so residency and

financial need can be assessed. Step 2: Complete an application found at

students/awards/ and submit to

Jazz FM91 Scholarship in Jazz

Award Value: $1000.00

Open to students majoring in music with preference given to students who demonstrate talent in jazz performance.

Leonard Yancovitch Award in Music

Award Value: $1200.00

Awarded annual to a returning undergraduate student, majoring in music whose studies are in the area of jazz.

Marion Lower Prizes in Composition

Award Value: $450.00

These prizes are open to music students in any year of study. One prize will be given for classical contemporary composition, the other for jazz composition.

Nancy Scoular Underhill Piano Award

Award Value: $2600.00

The Nancy Scoular Underhill Piano Award is given in recognition of exceptional promise and ability in classical piano performance to a Year 2 music major.

Orpheus Award

Award Value: $500.00

Two Orpheus Awards are given each year for outstanding achievement in adjudicated vocal performance to music majors in the classical performance stream.

Oscar Peterson Scholarship MTCU

Award Value: $10000.00

Must be a full time undergraduate Music major within the field of Jazz performance. Must be

enrolled in a minimum of 18 credits in one academic year.

2 – 4 th year valued at $10,000 each

1 – 3 rd year valued at $10,000 (renewable for one year)

1 – 2 nd year valued at $10,000 (renewable for 2 years)

Patricia and Robert Martin Award

Award Value: $1000.00

Given in recognition of outstanding achievement in an adjudicated performance to a Year 3 or 4 student in the classical performance stream in the Department of Music.

Peggie Sampson Scholarship

Award Value: $3000.00

Awarded to one undergraduate student entering 2nd or 3rd year in the Department of Music. Preference will be given to students studying early music.

Peggy Sampson

Award Value: $850.00

Students must complete a SFS to be eligible for this award.

Ron Weinberger Memorial Scholarship in Music

Award Value: $500.00

Open to students majoring in Music
Preference will be given to students in music performance who demonstrate talent in piano, guitar or sitar instruments.

Saint Thyagaraja Music Award

Award Value: $750.00

One award is given for demonstrated artistic excellence to a student enrolled in performance studies (vocal/instrumental) of Indian classical music.
A second award recognizes top standing in the academic study of Indian classical music.

Sorbara Award in Music

Award Value: $2500.00

The Sorbara Award in Music recognizes outstanding creative achievement in music in the areas of composition, improvisation or sound design.
Awarded in the following academic year when student is registered as a full time continuing student.

Sterling Voice Award

Award Value: $7326.90

This award is intended to support aspiring singers of outstanding promise who could not otherwise afford to devote sufficient time and effort to advanced vocal and musical studies. This covers the cost of full-time tuition for continuing student. Will be awarded in the Fall of the next academic year to selected recipient once full time status has been verified.

May apply or be nominated by a York faculty member before end of current academic year.

The Karabekos Award

Award Value: $325.00

  • Awarded to students undertaking ethnomusicological field research in non-North American based musics
  • showing prowess in composition incorporating elements outside the Western Art Music tradition, or demonstrating unusual performance ability in a variety of musical styles, including the non-Western
  • Academic standing is a prime consideration