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Yvonne Singer

BA (McGill), MFA (York)

Associate Professor, Department of Visual Art & Art History, Full Time

Yvonne Singer is an Associate Professor at York University in visual art and a practicing artist with an active international and national exhibition record. Her installation works employ multi-media techniques, often with cryptic texts to articulate cultural issues of disjuncture and perception. She is particularly interested in the intersection of public and private histories. Singer was born in Budapest, Hungary and received an MFA Honours from York University, Toronto, a BA in English Literature from McGill University in Montreal. Singer is the former Graduate Program Director in visual art and has served on several gallery, magazine and art council boards. She was invited to present her work at the Goteborg International Biennial for Contemporary Art. Her recent exhibitions include a fleeting conversation for Art Sourterrain, Montreal; IIIIwawant, Convenience Gallery, Gone Missing ,Loop Gallery, Random Objects:Random Thoughts, Akau Gallery, Toronto; Salut des Femmes, McCord Museum, Montreal; The Veiled Room, ACC Gallery, Weimar, Germany. A survey of her work can be viewed on the database.

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