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David Scott Armstrong

BFA (Alberta), MFA (Western Ontario)

Associate Professor, Department of Visual Art & Art History, Full Time

David Scott Armstrong is a print artist with a particular interest in the entwining of things, natural process, and the act of looking. He explores instances of perceptual and material threshold by folding together of elements of printmaking, photography, and process-based serial drawing. His prints and bookworks have been presented in solo and group exhibitions in Canada, the US, Estonia, Brazil and Japan, and are found in the collections of the Alberta Foundation for the Arts, University of Alberta, and the Gilkey Center for Graphic Arts at the Portland Museum.

His current research brings to bear both a deeply felt attraction to, and the undoing of visual form. His work is characterized by revealing the temporal and spatial dimension of the pictorial image and its contingent, often vulnerable relationship to natural phenomena and lived experience. He is interested in the double pull of print: pulling one way as a visual language, a tool, contrived and aimed by human will at carrying an image forward into the realm of the sensible; and, pulling the other way—toward material unbecoming—a barely visible, or knowable, trace of encounter.

Professor Armstrong taught at the University of Western Ontario before joining the faculty in York’s Visual Arts Department in 2003.

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