Top 5 ways AMPD prepares you for success
Push your limits
James a music student


In my York University Gospel Choir class I am gaining experience in showmanship and understanding harmonies which are crucial for a professional vocalist. I auditioned and landed a solo part this year and it was amazing for my confidence.
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Olivia a dance student


My Dance degree prepares me as both a physically literate mover and a smart dancer who has knowledge in the social context and history of my field. I’m discovering my unique artistry and considering how to use my voice as a platform to create change in the world around me.
Meet Collaborators
Khalil a film and production student


The many hours on film sets and in editing rooms, making friends, meeting collaborators and being exposed to new voices has helped us all mature artistically. Through class critiques and an almost familial academic support system, we could not have accomplished so much without each other.
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Kim a digital media student


My favourite courses involve building interactive installations and I want to make that sort of work into my career. These projects require a team working together with different skillsets from coding to physical computing and construction. Somehow the projects turn out even better than we originally plan.
Open your mind
Gloria a theatre student


In my acting class we’re studying the rehearsal process that professionals use, based on the Canadian Actors’ Equity Association guidelines. It’s helpful to learn real world expectations in a supportive environment that gives us space to make mistakes and learn from them.
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Danial a music student


My Wind Symphony course has taught me so much about rehearsal and performance etiquette. My dream is to teach, and I get to mentor younger students and learn how to run large rehearsals from watching our conductor.
Design your degree
Alysha a Dance and Education student

ALYSHA · DANCE (+Education)

I went to a performing arts school and it’s my career goal to teach at one. I picked York because I could combine a dance and an education degree. In class I’m not just learning skills, I’m inspired by how my instructors teach. It is everything that I wanted.
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Brooke a theatre and psychology student


My double major in theatre studies and psychology gives me a theoretical side to bolster my creativity in playwrighting. I refer to Jungian archetypes all the time when I’m creating characters. I know it’s making me a better story teller.
Space to be you
Conner a Film and video alumni


“My dream is to become a cinematographer. Being able to do projects at York’s studio at Cinespace has helped in achieving that goal. Right down the hall there are professional TV shows being shot and built, it brings this feeling of what it’s like to be working in the real world.”
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Vaiva a visual art studio student


Studying visual art at York University, there is enough space and equipment to work at any scale or level of experimentation plus room to leave my work in progress. The studios themselves are super welcoming with flexible hours so I can work when I’m feeling the most productive and socialize there too.