John Lowndes

The milestones I’ve reached are thanks to the careful efforts of my professors, who encouraged me to expand my style into uncharted territories and pushed me to be critical and self-determined.

Rachel McAdams

[In] York University’s vibrant theatre program, I received an education that I literally draw on every day.

Dan Kanter

When I studied at York University I wasn’t just studying performance or composition I was studying everything and how they all connect together. Learning how to collaborate and appreciate all those different kinds of fine arts really did help me.

Hassan Jaferi

The skills that York Design students develop within their program are key differentiators when evaluating them with other interaction designers I’ve encountered.

Debra Brown

My time at York was actually amazing. I never put myself in a box and nor did York University and it opened up so many doors. York has everything to do with my success now.

Albert Shin

I wouldn’t be the filmmaker I am today without my time at York. It gave me a great balance of theoretical and practical training that made me a more well-rounded filmmaker.