Nima Arabi

Nima Arabi

Hello! My name is Nima Arabi and I am a 4th year student studying in Visual Arts BFA program. One thing that is notable about me is that I have always been a reliable listener. My friends used to ask my council for their issues, and it makes me happy to analyze the situation for them. I personally believe the reason is that I see everything realistic in life and consider both positive and negative sides which are a necessity for a rational comparison.

I was born in a small city in Northern Iran, and less than 20 km  from the Caspian Sea, Babol. I spent most of my life there. After finishing university in Tehran, I went back and worked there, until  I left to move to Toronto, in 2013.

I chose York University because it is a great university!. Each day I am here I feel the energy and  ambitions in my peers. Therefore, it inspires me to achieve my best. Additionally, there are many wonderful studio courses in the BFA program. Moreover, the atmosphere at York is very welcoming. I felt a great vibe from the Chairs and students, the very first day when I came to visit York.

The most amazing thing about my program for me is, the power of creating the world as no one has experienced it before. I use print media and drawing to project my imagination which comes from my experiences. At York, I was able to show my art pieces in galleries and Open Houses, which has now become part of my portfolio. There are many great artists who teach studio courses, and I always welcome their professional critiques. Working as a SAM alongside the other AMPD students and AMPD faculty members, is a wonderful experience which I could not gain outside of York.

I would like to be an art teacher and a professional practicing artist so that I could create what I like to see in the art world. This would provide me with the opportunity to help others to create what they want to see in the art world!