Madeleine Harkness

Madeleine Harkness

My name is Madeleine Harkness and I am currently a theatre production, design and playwright student  in my third year, and I use she/her pronouns. I grew up in Port Hope Ontario, but commuted to Peterborough every day for high school because of a special integrated arts program. From the first day of grade 9, I’ve always known that I was going to pursue theatre in some capacity.

I decided to study theatre at York because of the amazing theatre program here, the amazing theatre professors, facilities and classes.  Everyone I met during my supplementary evaluation was very kind and welcoming. I also love how the production program here is a tight knit community as well as the real world knowledge I am gaining every day. I didn’t know anything about carpentry the first time I stepped into the carpentry shop, and now I’m the head of carpentry for the first semester show!

After my graduation I am looking forward to working with the hard tech side of theatre like carpentry as well as technical direction.


Thank you!