Archived Research

York Space

The School of the Arts, Media, Performance and Design (AMPD) page on York Space provides an institutional repository of research projects by York faculty members.

e-Journals & Research Project Websites

Members of York’s School of the Arts, Media, Performance and Design are involved in creating content for e-Journals and Multimedia Environments. Projects include:


Canada Watch

Canada Watch, edited by Seth Feldman (Dept. of Film) and guest editors, provides a practical and authoritative analysis of key national and international topics. Each issue is a collection of short, incisive articles by the leading authorities in a particular field.


CineAction features essays and reviews by film critics and scholars, and covers a wide range of filmmaking styles.

Common Plants

Common Plants is a multimedia project spearheaded by Judith Rudakoff (Dept. of Theatre). It includes an interactive Forum, a BLOGarden and video, jpg images and audio files.

InTensions e-Journal

InTensions is an interdisciplinary peer reviewed e-journal published biannually out of Fine Arts Cultural Studies at York University. This initiative brings together interventions by scholars and artists whose work deals with the theatricality of power, corporealities of structural violence, and sensory regimes.


Lo-Fi is a multi-year collaborative research project held by Nell Tenhaaf (Dept. of Visual Arts) and Melanie Baljko (Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering). Other key collaborators are sound artist John Kamevaar and Dr. Kim Sawchuk of Concordia University. Two interactive A-life artworks, preceded by prototypes for testing, are being built over the course of five years, 2005-10. The project is a multi-faceted study (both quantitative and qualitative) of how people engage with heterogeneous populations of agents.


Mosaica presents contemporary Jewish culture in its newest form – the world-wide-web. It was founded by Shelley Hornstein, Reesa Greenberg & Carol Zemel, all from Visual Arts, and is Co-Directed by Shelley Hornstein & Reesa Greenberg. Projects explore Jewish cultural expression in the arts and build on the possibilities of the web as an interactive cultural environment.

Public: Art, Culture, Ideas

Public‘s purpose is to showcase innovative ideas and forms of art. It is an art journal that explores how critical issues intersect with art and visual culture.

Visible City Project

The Visible City Project seeks to understand the different roles that artists play in imagining and helping to design 21st century cities. The project investigates how art practices function in specific contemporary urban contexts as a tool for enhancing communication and renovating democratic citizenship, and how they might be used to educate and transform the experience of urban dwelling in light of the changing technological, economic and cultural experiences of globalization.

Wi: Journal of Mobile Media

Wi: journal of mobile media traverses the arts, sciences, social sciences and humanities to engage artists, engineers and designers. Wi uses a variety of multimedia formats and uses video, images and sound to link with other networks and to enhance its production and distribution capacity. Wi is more than a journal: it provides a space for networking of Canadians working on mobility and for Canadian researchers to interact in a wider international context.