David Scott Armstrong

David Scott Armstrong is a print artist interested in the entwining of things, natural phenomena, and the act of looking. He explores qualities of perceptual and material threshold by folding together elements of printmaking, photography, and process-based serial drawing. His prints, drawings and bookworks have been exhibited nationally and internationally, in solo and group/juried exhibitions […]

Dan Adler

Professor Adler’s areas of research include the history of art writing, modern and contemporary sculpture, German modernism, Frankfurt School theory, conceptual art, and the theory and history of contemporary art. He teaches courses in 19th-, 20th-, and 21st-century art, with particular interests in 19th-century European painting, French and German Dada, and the development and reception […]

Nell Tenhaaf

Nell Tenhaaf is an electronic media artist and theoretician with extensive publication, lecture and exhibition credits across Canada, in the US and in Europe. Her practice focuses on the intersection of art, science and technology, using digital media to integrate elements from these different fields. She is represented in Toronto by Paul Petro Contemporary Art. […]

Michael Davey

Michael Davey is a sculptor and installation artist who employs photography, drawing and video and whose work often includes cast materials and found objects.  His interests in landscape, industrial technology and the built environment find their way into his pieces which have been shown and collected throughout Canada, the U.S. and overseas.  His most recent […]

Joyce Zemans

An art historian, curator, cultural policy specialist and academic administrator, Joyce Zemans served as dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts (1985-88), acting director of the Graduate Program in Art History (1994-95) and chair of the Department of Visual Arts Department (1975-81) at York University. She also held the Robarts Chair in Canadian Studies (1995-96) […]

Tim Whiten

Tim Whiten has exhibited his work in major exhibitions of drawing and sculpture throughout North America and Asia. He is represented in numerous private, corporate and public collections, including Canada’s National Gallery and the Art Gallery of Ontario. A former student of noted psychologist and philosopher Oscar Oppenheimer, Professor Whiten, in his artistic activity and […]

Bruce Parsons

Bruce Parsons is a painter and installation artist whose work has been exhibited in major Canadian centres. Strongly influenced by ancient art forms, his research has led to extensive travels in Egypt, Mexico, Guatemala and most recently, China. He has had several shows in China, initiated a faculty and student exhibition exchange, and brought several […]

Guy P.R. Métraux

Dr. Metraux is an art historian and archaeologist whose research interests include Greek and Roman art, architecture and urban planning; relationships between the visual arts and literary and social developments in antiquity; and the intersection of art and science in Greek and Roman art history. Dr. Metraux’s numerous scholarly publications include writings on Greek city-planning […]

Hugh LeRoy

A former student of Arthur Lismer and Louis Dudek, Professor LeRoy is a sculptor whose work has been exhibited widely across Canada and is found in many private collections. Among his major commissions are sculptures for the Justice Building in Ottawa and at the Banff Centre. In recent years he has had a series of […]