Natasha Bissonauth

Natasha Bissonauth joins the Visual Art and Art History department. Prior to, she was Assistant Professor at the College of Wooster (OH) in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. Her research centers on contemporary artists of color, queer and feminist art-making in particular situated in contemporary global visual cultures. With an emphasis on South Asian and […]

Archer Pechawis

Performance, theatre and new media artist, filmmaker, writer, curator and educator Archer Pechawis was born in Alert Bay, BC. He has a particular interest in the intersection of Plains Cree culture and digital technology, merging “traditional” objects such as hand drums with digital video and audio sampling. His work has been exhibited across Canada, internationally […]

Marissa Largo

Marissa Largo is a newly appointed assistant professor of Creative Technologies in Department of Visual Art and Art History in the School of Arts, Media, Performance & Design at York University. She is a researcher, artist, curator, and educator whose work focuses on the intersections of community engagement, race, gender and Asian diasporic cultural production. […]

Shelley Hornstein

Shelley Hornstein is Senior Scholar and Emerita Professor of Architectural History & Visual Culture at York University, Toronto, Canada. Themes she explores are located at the intersection of memory and place in architectural and urban sites, cosmopolitanism, nationhood and how architectural photography structures a conversation about place, citizenship and human rights. Her newest book will be released […]

Robyn Cumming

Robyn Cumming makes photographs and sculpture. Her research is driven by a fervent interest in representation, and a personal fascination with depictions of the human creature. Employing humour and wit as a strategy for boundary transgression, she often conjures the mask and clowning to probe the relationship between the actual and the symbolic. Her previous […]