Shelley Hornstein

Shelley Hornstein is Senior Scholar and Emerita Professor of Architectural History & Visual Culture at York University, Toronto, Canada. Themes she explores are located at the intersection of memory and place in architectural and urban sites, cosmopolitanism, nationhood and how architectural photography structures a conversation about place, citizenship and human rights. Her newest book will be released […]

Andrew M. Tomcik

Professor Tomcik has worked as a designer in Canada and the US. His work has been published or exhibited in Canada, USA, Great Britain, Switzerland, Poland, Czech Republic, Finland and China. As well he has participated in numerous conferences on design education and design history. He also received the Ontario Federation of University Faculty Associations […]

David Scadding

Professor Scadding is a professional Registered Graphic Designer who, by love & training, focuses his teaching & research in the field of typography – its history, development and contemporary practices. He has over 30 years of experience in print-oriented and new media visual communication design. His professional work has been exhibited and published in Canada, […]

Don Newgren

Don Newgren’s research interests focus upon user participation, either active or passive, during the inventory and planning part of the design process. These interests emerged from his development and implementation of unobtrusive data collection methodology for planning exhibitions while being the Director of Design at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago. His professional […]

Wojtek E. Janczak

Professor Janczak’s multidisciplinary professional practice, research and teaching include interactive media, exhibitions and signage systems design. Since the inception of the Internet he has specialized in developing and evaluating interaction design, information architecture, interface design and interactive information technologies in online education. His current research focuses on investigating the theories, practices and technologies involving intelligent […]

John Gittins

Professor Gittins is a jazz pianist and an experienced show conductor, arranger and accompanist for stage and recording artists. His scholarly research is in the field of music theory, particularly in jazz, and in the history of ideas.

Jon Baturin

Jon Baturin is an artist working photography and djgital media. He has spent much of the past decade investigating ideological constructs and the formation of dogmatic systems as they relate to notions of Truth. At present he continues to work on a series of collaborative photo-based and sculptural projects that deal with the fragility of […]

Nell Tenhaaf

Nell Tenhaaf is an electronic media artist and theoretician with extensive publication, lecture and exhibition credits across Canada, in the US and in Europe. Her practice focuses on the intersection of art, science and technology, using digital media to integrate elements from these different fields. She is represented in Toronto by Paul Petro Contemporary Art. […]

Mary-Jane Warner

Mary Jane Warner has extensive teaching experience at all levels, from elementary to graduate school. She was the founder of the historical dance group Entrée Dance, which performed Renaissance and Baroque dance in schools and other community settings in the American Midwest, and directed the dance program at Kirkland College in Clinton, New York for […]

Selma Odom

Selma Odom is a dance historian and writer. Recruited to York University in 1972, she was founding director of the MA and PhD programs in dance and dance studies, the first offered in a Canadian university. She was awarded the Faculty of Graduate Studies’ Teaching Award in 1998 in recognition of her contributions to the […]