David Gelb

David Gelb
MEd, University of Toronto
Associate Professor
Chair, Department of Design

Interaction Design, History, Theory & Criticism
David Gelb explores the potential of technology and pedagogical experimentation with a focus on ethical interfaces, artifact collaboration, and building design knowledge. David is co-leader of Interactive Art + Design Learning Modules which is supported through the Shared Ontario Course Fund and includes 10 researchers, artists and designers from across the province.  He also co-leads Looking to the Future: Building State-of-the-Art eLearning in the School of the Arts, Media, Performance & Design, a multi-year project focused on technology and pedagogical experimentation for arts-based teaching and learning.

David was one of the organizers for  Edge Effects: Digitally Engaged Learning conference held fall 2018 at York University. He recently co-authored (with Angela Norwood) “The Design Process is a Research Process: Students and the Ethics of Inquiry”, Bloomsbury Academic (forthcoming). David teaches across the graduate and undergraduate spectrum with a focus on digital product design, user-centred research methods, and interaction design theory.