Colleen Wagner

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Colleen Wagner
BA (Toronto), AOCA
Professor Emeritus
Department of Cinema & Media Arts

Colleen Wagner is a playwright, screenwriter and short fiction writer. Her first stage play, Sand, was shortlisted for best international play at the Royal Exchange Theatre in Manchester, England, in 1989. She won the 1996 Governor General’s Award for Drama for her play The Monument.

The Monument has been translated into French, German, Portuguese, Romanian, Kinyarwandan and Mandarin, and continues to be produced internationally. Its Beijing production was the first commercial production of a Canadian play in translation to be produced in China, and in 2006, The Monument became the first production by a non-black writer to be presented by Toronto’s Obsidian Theatre Company. Following readings at Rwanda’s National Genocide Memorial, Gisozi in 2007, The Monument was produced in the local Kinyarwanda language and toured Rwanda 2008-2009. In 2011 the Rwandan production by Isoko Theatre was invited to Canada, with performances at Toronto’s World Stage and in Ottawa and Montreal.

Other stage credits include Home, which premiered at Bus Stop Theatre, Halifax (2010); down from heaven, which premiered at Imago Theatre, Montreal (2009) and was nominated for a MECCA award; and The Morning Bird, which premiered at the Notable Acts Summer Theatre Festival in Fredericton, NB (2005) and was translated into French and toured the province. Her plays have been published by Playwrights Canada Press and Scirocco Drama and are found in several anthologies.

Professor Wagner has written film scripts for various producers, including a screenplay adaptation ofThe Monument (currently in Los Angeles); wrote and produced the short film, Remembrance Day; and has story-edited several films and documentaries.

Current projects include a new play, new screenplay and a book. Professor Wagner recently completed field research in Africa for a new production, titled Theatre of the Wounded, supported by a research/creation grant from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada.


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Winner of Governor Generals Award, 1996
Translated into French by Carole Frechette, 2000
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Translated into Kinyarwanda by Emmanuel Munyarukumbuzi. 2008.
Translated into Taiwanese, 2010.

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Articles in Refereed Journals

1999 “Family Politics”, review of the Governor General’s Award nominated play,Corker, by Wendy Lill. The Fiddlehead. Winter No. 202