Brian Grosskurth

Brian Grosskurth
BA, MA (Toronto), PhD (Oxford)
Associate Professor
Department of Graduate Program in Art History, Department of Visual Art & Art History
Art History and Theory

Professor Grosskurth’s research focuses on modern and contemporary art history and theory. His current research interests includes work on contemporary art and philosophy, contemporary public sculpture and the relations between the arts during the Romantic era.

Selected Published Works

‘Mourning and Mimesis’, Oxford Art Journal (Autumn 2009)

“Solitude as Style: Berlioz and the Topography of Sound’ in Regarding Romantic Rome, R. Wrigley ed. (Peter Lang, 2007)

‘Inside Out: Rebecca Horn and the Extimate Monument’ in Sculpture and Psychoanalysis, B. Taylor ed. (Ashgate, 2006)

“Lartigue and the Politics of Enchantment’ in Analecta Husserliana, 2000

‘Shifting Monuments: Falconet’s Peter the Great from Diderot to Eisenstein’, Oxford Art Journal, (Autumn 2000)