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Creativity is your commodity

About this Episode:

How do you stay creative after graduation? Learn how recent AMPD graduates use creativity in unconventional ways throughout their unique career paths. Guests include Deloitte people analytics leader Tracy Pokroy, recruitment officer Sadie Cahill, graphic designer Nicole Beno, and multimedia producer Phoebe Sequino.

About the Guests:

Theatre Production graduate Pokroy has had an incredible journey in the corporate world, taking on leadership roles in sponsorship marketing, events and advertising. Today she proudly leads the national People Analytics function at Deloitte Canada.

Dance graduate Cahill is not only the acting Recruitment Officer for AMPD, but a proud graduate of the BFA Dance Program. Alongside this role, Cahill is actively pursuing a career as a freelance artist and entrepreneur.

Design graduate Beno is a multi-disciplinary artist currently splitting her time between working as a graphic designer and maintaining an arts practice working with high-profile clients such as TD Bank, The Drake and the TTC.

Film Production graduate Sequino is a Digital Storyteller and Multimedia Creative Producer with over 8 years of experience specializing within Film & Arts Entertainment working with non-profits, corporate firms, community groups and independent businesses.

About the Final Mile Club:

The Final Mile Club (FMC) prepares emerging artists, makers, performers, and designers for life after graduation. As a project by York University's School of the Arts, Media, Performance & Design (AMPD), FMC examines creatives unique challenges through conversations with prominent alumni and industry experts.

FMC is hosted by Dr. Sarah Bay-Cheng, Dean of AMPD and a Professor of Theatre & Performance Studies. Dr. Bay-Cheng’s research focuses on the intersections among theatre, performance, and media.