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Yam Lau

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Graduate Program in Visual Arts, Visual Art & Art History

Yam Lau

Associate Professor



Post-Grad Dipl (Seneca), BFA, MFA (Alberta)


Yam Lau’s creative work and research explore new expressions and qualities of space, time and image. His most recent works combine video and computer-generated animation to re-create familiar spaces in varied dimensionalities and perspectives. In addition to his new media work, he is actively involved in the local art community. Certain aspects of his practice, such as using a donkey as an on-going mobile project space in Beijing, China are designed to solicit community participation. The recipient of numerous awards from the Canada, Ontario and Toronto Arts Councils, Professor Lau has exhibited widely across Canada, the US and Europe. He also publishes regularly on art and design. He is represented by Katzman Kamen Gallery in Toronto.