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Sharon Hayashi

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Cinema & Media Arts

Sharon Hayashi

Associate Professor


BA (Brown), MA, PhD (Chicago)


Professor Hayashi specializes in Japanese cinema and media studies. Her research focuses on the intersection of visual culture and history. Her current research interests include digital mapping, architectures of cinema, and the resurgence of artistic and political collectives in urban Japan. She has published articles on Japanese pink cinema and the travel films of Shimizu Hiroshi, and is currently creating Mapping Protest Tokyo, a historical mapping website that analyzes the new media work of artistic collectives and new social movements in relation to artistic performance and political protest in Japan and globally from 1960 to the present.

Dr. Hayashi's teaching and research areas include: film history, historiography and criticism; critical theory; gender and media; digital activism; digital mapping; transnationalism and globalization; colonial, postcolonial and diasporic cinemas; travelling and regional cinemas; and East Asian cinema and media.


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“Mapping the Spatial Practices of the Cinema and Protest: Visualizing and Archiving the Urban Space of Tokyo” in Cartographies of Place: Navigating the Urban, eds. Janine Marchessault and Michael Darroch, McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2014, pp 217-237.

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"Goodbye Kitty, Hello War: The Tactics of Spectacle and New Youth Movements in Urban Japan”, with Anne Mcknight. Positions: East Asia Cultures Critique, vol.13 no.1, Spring 2005.