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Laurence Green

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Cinema & Media Arts

Laurence Green

Associate Professor


BFA (Concordia), BEd (Brock), BA, BSc, MA (McMaster)


Laurence Green is a documentary filmmaker whose productions present provocative and poetic images from the archival footage and home movies of our collective memories and explore notions of family, personal history and Canadian identity politics. His autobiographical documentaryReconstruction won eight major film awards at festivals from Ann Arbor to Leipzig, including best short film at the 1995 Toronto International Film Festival.

Professor Green's best-known film is Alter Egos (NFB), made in collaboration with Oscar-winner Chris Landreth, on the story of Icarus-like Canadian animator Ryan Larkin. His most ambitious project to date, the half-million dollar, one-hour film Thin Ice (NFB), is an adaptation of New York satirist Bruce McCall's acclaimed sardonic memoir about his formative and miserable childhood in Canada. He has also directed episodes for documentary series for TVO, History Television and the LIFE Network.

Professor Green has written for a number of film magazines and has served on the boards of numerous arts organizations and lobby groups, Prior to York, he taught in Swaziland, southern Africa, and at McMaster University, Hamilton. He joined the faculty in York's Film Department in 1997.

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  • 'A Place Called Chiapas,' Point Of View (36) Winter 98/99
  • 'Gerrie & Louise,' Point Of View (33) Winter 97/98
  • 'Shooting Indians: A Journey with Jeffrey Thomas,' Point Of View (33) Winter 97/98
  • 'The Street: A Film with the Homeless,' Point Of View (32) Summer/Fall 97
  • 'A Balkan Journey: Fragments from the Other Side of War,' Point Of View (31) Winter 97
  • 'Project Grizzly: Mansized Ontariana,' Point Of View (31) Winter 97
  • 'Peter Lynch's Project Grizzly: A Distinctly Canadian Quest,' Take One, Winter 1997
  • 'Leipziger Festival 38 Dokumentarfilm,' Point Of View (29) Spring 96


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2000 - Nominee for best short, Hot Docs, Canadian International Documentary Film Festival

1999 - Nominee for best short documentary, Yorkton Short Film & Video Festival

1997 - Jackdaw for Best Documentary, Uppsala International Short Film Festival Nominee - finalist for the M. Joan Chalmers Documentarian award for Film/ Video

Hot Docs, Best Short Film Award, Canadian International Documentary Film Festival

Michael Moore Award - Best Documentary, Ann Arbor Indie & Experimental Film Festival

KISS for Best Documentary, Tampere International Short Film Festival

1996 Silver Hugo for Outstanding Experimental Short, Chicago International Film Festival Hamburg Short Film Award, Intel Hamburg Short and No Budget Film Festival 1995 Golden Dove for Best Short Documentary, International Leipzig Documentary Film Festival

John Spotton Award for Best Short Film, Toronto International Film Festival