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Janet Jones

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Graduate Program in Visual Arts, Visual Art & Art History

Janet Jones

Painting, Art Criticism



BFA (Concordia), BEd (Toronto), MFA (York), PhD (New York)


Professor Jones' teaching and research interests combine creative work and academic study, focusing on studio art and cultural theory, and how these two areas interrelate. The influence of critics on artists has been a topic of particular interest in her writings. Her current research focuses on the present situation of painting in relation to modernism and postmodernism.

A practicing artist, Janet Jones has exhibited her paintings in numerous solo and group shows across Canada; in Germany, France, England and The Netherlands; and in New York. Her most recent paintings focus on the theme of the techno-sublime and feminist geography within urban spaces. She has lectured on both her own work and Canadian painting in Europe, Russia and China.

Dr. Jones has served as Chair of the Department of Visual Arts, director of the MFA Program in Visual Arts and coordinator of the Fine Arts Cultural Studies Program at York. In 2002, she received the Dean's Teaching Award for outstanding teaching and contribution to the life and vibrancy of the Faculty of Fine Arts.