Theatre prof’s dance-opera explores the legacy of residential schools

Canada’s residential school system —  a network of government-sponsored, custodial religious schools established to assimilate Indigenous children into Euro-Canadian culture — is not in the past. While the last residential schools closed in the 1990s, their painful impact on Indigenous communities and wider social and cultural repercussions are woven into the present-day fabric of our […]

Performing Indigeneity: Theatre @ York raises Brébeuf’s Ghost

Award-winning Algonquin/Métis director and playwright Yvette Nolan helms Theatre @ York’s compelling new production of Brébeuf’s Ghost, “a tale of horror in three acts” by internationally renowned Aboriginal playwright Daniel David Moses. The show previews from January 24, opens January 26 and runs to January 30 in the Joseph G. Green Studio Theatre, Centre for  Film and Theatre […]