November 11, 2020

York Theatre Playwriting & New Play Dramaturgy releases The Red/White Plays Chapbook

The Red/White Plays 2019-2020
Background photo by Łukasz Martenka

The Red/White Plays are a project for both the THEA3290 and THEA4290 playwrights and dramaturgs. The students in 3290 focus on Red, and the students in 4290 focus on White. The dramaturgs in each class prepare a research project on a selected topic that is centred around their colour, Red or White. The playwrights then use the dramaturgs research presentation to inspire a piece. The playwrights and dramaturgs work together, along with course director Judith Rudakoff, to prepare a fully developed monodrama that the playwrights then present each year in the Joseph G. Green Studio Theatre.

The Red/White Plays 2019-2020: A Playwriting and Dramaturgy Showcase is a keepsake of the unique and captivating monodramas that emerged from last year’s research. Inside, you can read highlights from the detailed and provocative dramaturgy research yourself, and then read the monodramas that drew inspiration from it.