Work/Study with AMPD for the win

September 8, 2017

Work/Study with AMPD for the win

Imagine picking up a few hours of work in between classes with no additional commuting. Imagine building up professional experience for your resume while working for an employer who understands that your primary focus is school.

Ideal, right?

Good news — York is here to help. The program is called Work/Study and AMPD has 100 positions, plus there are hundreds more positions across campus, that you could apply for today and be earning money as soon as September. If you’re eligible for OSAP, you may also be eligible for Work/Study. Visit the Student Financial Services website for more information and to complete the Student Financial Profile. That profile is also one of the ways you can qualify for awards, scholarships and bursaries so it is worth your while to fill it out.

Interviews and job offers have already started but there are still positions open.

Still on the fence? Maybe current students who participated in work/study last summer will convince you!

Dani and Peter Boomerang
Dani De Angelis and Peter Widdrington

Who: Dani De Angelis and Peter Widdrington
Fourth-year Visual Art, Fourth-year year Film
Job Title: Student Ambassador and Mentors (SAM)
Job Summary: upper year students who help and give information to current and future students and collaborate on special projects to enhance the AMPD student experience
What they love about their job: Dani and Peter agree being a SAM is full of opportunities to develop new skills, meet people and grow as a person. It’s gratifying for them to share their experience and help students through challenges. They feel the SAM team is given a lot of support and trust which allows them a high level of independence in their work. There is a focus on self-care and they feel their managers and team support their academic and career success

Logan Boomerang
Logan Hickey

Who: Logan Hickey
Program: Second-year Music (classical voice), Theatre grad (BFA ’17)
Job Title: Theatre Inventory and Rental Assistant
Job Summary: managing set, costume and prop inventory for Theatre @ York, signing out items to theatre students for their shows and keeping the storage areas organized
What he loves about his job: The flexible schedule and willingness of his managers to work within what time he had free is a huge draw for Logan. He feels networking and directly collaborating with theatre student production leaders is an added bonus. After working with the university all six years he’s studied here, he has ‘a foot in the door’ if he applies for a job after he graduates.

eLearning Boomerang
Camille Lessard, Chloe Legault, Heather Hobday

Who: Camille Lessard, Chloe Legault, Heather Hobday
Program: Fourth-year Film, Third-year Film, Fourth-year Design
Job Title: eLearning Media Team (TEL Support for AMPD Faculty and Design Media Support for AMPD Faculty)
Job Summary: collecting, branding and organizing digital content to support the development of eLearning/online courses in a collaborative client focused environment
What they love about their job: The best part of the work for the eLearning Media Team is creating content for their peers. They get to have fun, be creative and take pride in making what they create awesome for students. They also appreciate building professional skills in a stable and supportive environment.

Abi Boomerang
Abi Vasanthakumar

Who: Abi Vasanthakumar
Program: Fourth-year Biology
Job Title: Art Gallery Assistant Curator
Job Summary: event planning, communications, record keeping and maintenance of the Eleanor Winters Art Gallery
What she loves about her job: Abi started with Winters in her first year and she made so many friends she switched her college affiliation to Winters so she could officially join the Winters family. The top skill she has developed on the job is the confidence and ability to present herself in a professional and genuine way.