April 26, 2018

Lots of applause and sweet cash prizes celebrated talent and creativity of Visual Art & Art History students at an awards ceremony on Wednesday, April 18. Over $6,600 in prizes were awarded to recognize exceptional projects in drawing, painting, photo, print making, sculpture, time based art and art history, as selected by faculty from each area of expertise.

Over 40 students were recognized, here are just a few of the winning projects.

"Natasha" oil on canvas by Alison Romero-McBride

“Natasha” oil on canvas. Alison Romero-McBride received the Willowdale Group of Artists Award for $1250 plus the opportunity for a solo exhibition next year in the Gales Gallery.

Living in Harmony by Zac Bonin

“Living in Harmony” (18″ x 24″ ink and coloured pencil on paper, 2018). Zac Bonin received the $200 Susan Roberts Excellence in Drawing award.

“Musical Cabinet” (wood, plastic). Rob Warner received the $125 Sculpture Honorarium.

Laura Sbrizzi's Flux (synthetic textile print on Japanese paper)

“Flux” (synthetic textile print on Japanese paper) Laura Sbrizzi received the $1000 Jeannie Thib Print Media Award.


"Heavy Heart" (Bronze) by Esther Kim

“Heavy Heart” (bronze). Esther Kim received the $100 Sculpture Media Award.

Untitled by Tyler Matheson

“Untitled” (14’x8” x3, vinyl warehouse curtains with spray paint and glitter. 2018). Tyler Matheson received the $200 Senior Panting Media Award (plus a $250 Toronto Image Works gift certificate for his photo based works).


Christina Chiarelli received the $200 Senior Time Based Media Award. Click these players to experience her audio art (her artists statements are included below each work).

1. “Ascension” With the age of technology in a consistent developmental flux, we hear, we speak and we sound as though our minds and bodies are consistently rising to a higher place of consciousness. Ascension draws attention to the increasing spatial and conscious awareness of our ever-changing internal and external environments in which we begin to notice how technology contains a significant impact upon our existence today as transient autonomous beings.

2. “Malaise” The human condition intrinsically rejects all feelings or thoughts of discomfort inflicted by unusual, incomprehensible or unknown elements. Malaise enforces a repetition of buzzing electronic signals that initially act against the natural rhythmic patterns of our biological and psychological stimuli. Overtime, we are beguiled to conform with the mechanical patterns, revealing how humans can be conditioned to follow another form that goes against their natural tendencies.


Sara Amoosoltani‘s essay An Exploration into the Lacanian Real received the $150 Outstanding Art History Essay Award for exploring Marian Zazeela and La Monte Young’s iconic Dream House, a long running New York City sound and light installation, through the lens of philosopher and cultural critic Slavoj Žižek’s interpretation of The Real, (first articulated by French psycho-analyst Jacques Lacan). Zazeela’s sculptural installations utilize light, shadow and colour in combination to create three-dimensional forms with dynamic qualities. Composer Young achieves a similar effect with his soundscape heard throughout the space. The notion of familiarity and the strange, the missing element, and the fissure, are all key concepts that Žižek discusses in relation to both Jacques Lacan’s and Sigmund Freud’s writings on psychoanalysis to describe both reality and The Real. In Dream House, Young’s soundscape together with Zazeela’s visuals, solidify these three essential components.