April 3, 2019

Poetry in Motion: Tiana Dueck’s “Seed”

SEED opening title sequence frame of the title in blue over bedsheets

Seed (2018) is our next featured film on YorkFlixour brand new online streaming platform for student films made at York U.  Seed is  directed by Tiana Dueck and stars Angus Maclennan and Aman Samra. We spoke with Ms. Dueck about her inspiration and process creating this experimental film.

Still of two men playing electric guitar in front of a green screen

How would you introduce your film?

Seed (2018) is a subjective daydream perspective film, reflecting on simple elements of everyday life and how the way we appreciate them is special to our own mind.

Seed premiered at The Laundry Room Theater in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and will be submitted to festivals in the near future.

A mysterious hand has its nails painted by another pair of hands. Books border the frame.
Still from “Seed”

What inspired you to make this film?

I was inspired by the poem Sunflower Sutra (1955) by Allen Ginsberg. “We’re golden sunflowers inside, blessed by our own seed”.

a green screed with acorns and papers on the ground

Is there anyone from your film crew that you want to collaborate with again and why?

All of them! My whole crew was sublime. I am grateful.

two filmmakers huddle over the camera

What advice or tips about resources can you give to York student filmmakers to make the most of their university film experience?

Enjoy all the free equipment and studios while you can.

The director of Seed golds a large sunflower to their face
Tiana Dueck, director of “Seed”



Executive Producers: Dawn Rothwell, Chris Dueck

Creator, Director, Cinematographer, Editor: Tiana Dueck

Starring: Angus Maclennan and Aman Samra

Gaffers and Camera: Andrei Pora and Aman Samra

Art Department: Brittney Marvell, Lucas Treleaven, Tiana Dueck

Music: Tim de Caux

Special Thanks: Philip Hoffman, Allen Ginsberg, and Marcos Arriaga