January 24, 2023

Royal Canadian Mint selects alum Lily Kao to design minted Year of the Rabbit coin

Alum Lily Kao

The Royal Canadian Mint marked the lunar new year with AMPD alum Lily Kao’s (BDes ‘14) new 1 oz. pure silver coin design in honour of the Year of the Rabbit. The Rabbit Coin follows Kao’s Lunar Tiger Coin, released last year in honour of the Year of the Tiger, which is the second instalment in a 12-year series contract. Like last year’s Tiger took reference from the Chinese folk art Cloth Tiger, which is often gifted to children as a blessing for prosperity and good health, Kao’s Rabbit Coin sends a message of optimism for the year ahead.

1 oz. Pure Silver Coin – Lunar Year of the Rabbit

The Rabbit is a cherished symbol of longevity, abundance and prosperity, and in Chinese folklore, it is the trusted companion of Chang’e, the goddess of the moon. People born in the Year of the Rabbit are kind, creative, sociable and peaceful; yet, behind that gentle smile lies great strength and a readiness to take swift action. The Rabbit is known for its attention to detail, and in a year associated with the Water element, it has the added ability to adapt to different situations in order to obtain the best possible outcome.

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