February 12, 2023

Mary Fogarty releases first Hip Hop dance anthology published by an academic press

Professor Mary Fogarty released the first Hip Hop dance anthology published by an academic press with The Oxford Handbook of Hip Hop Dance Studies, co-edited by Imani Kai Johnson.

Engaging with a broad range of research and performance genres, The Oxford Press states the anthology offers the most comprehensive research on Hip Hop dance to date. Filling a lacuna in both Hip Hop and dance studies, the Handbook places practitioners’ voices at the forefront and in dialogue with theoretical insights, rooted in critical race theory, anticolonialism, intersectional feminism, and more.

Volume editors Mary Fogarty and Imani Kai Johnson have included influential dancers and scholars from around the world: from B-Boys Ken Swift, YNOT, and Storm, to practitioners of locking, waacking and House dance styles such as E. Moncell Durden, Terry Bright Kweku Ofosu, Fly Lady Di, and Leah McFly, and innovative academic work on Hip Hop dance by the most prominent researchers in the field. Throughout the Handbook contributors address individual and social histories of dance, Afrodiasporic and global lineages, the contribution of B-Girls from Honey Rockwell to Rokafella, the “studio-fication” of Hip Hop styles, and moves into theatre, TV, and the digital/social media space.

The Oxford Handbook of Hip Hop Dance Studies is available at the York University Bookstore. For more information, click here.