November 19, 2021

CineSiege 2021

CineSiege 2021 Award Winners

On November 19, 2021, AMPD celebrated films finest with a mesmerizing evening of cinema and storytelling. From all 200 student-produced films in the 2020/2021 school year, 35 were shortlisted, and 15 took home top awards. Congratulations to all students involved!
CineSiege was made possible by the generous and continued support of the celebrations founding sponsors, CineSpace and the Mirkopoulos family. With much gratitude, we thank our sponsors for supporting film’s next generation in their journey to explore, create, and connect.

Full List of Winners:

First-Year Awards

Adjudicated by Prof. Green and Paskaljevic

Best First Year Film Winner
Daniella Castillo – The Well of Fortune

Second-Year Awards

Adjudicated by CMA production faculty

Best Second Year Fiction Film Winner
Natalia Morales Caceres – Like There’s No Tomorrow

Best Second Year Documentary Film Winner
Arca Arseven – Kadıköy

Best Second Year Alternative Film Winner
Jacob Robert – Unspoken Space

Third-Year and Fourth-Year Awards

Adjudicated by Hugh Gibson, Avril Jacobson, Nada El Omari and Jared Raab

Best Production Design
Antonia Sinn – Cuckoo

Best Cinematography
Will Sheppard – Sugar

Best Sound Design
Emily Ishikawa – An Ephemeral Anywhere

Best Editing
Siyao Guo – They’re Just Lines

Best Script
Paul Villenave – Coming by Honestly

Best Documentary
Rosa Urias – Crossroads

Shared Awards

Adjudicated by Hugh Gibson, Avril Jacobson, Nada El Omari and Jared Raab

Best Documentary
Bailey Johnson – On the Horizon

Best Alternative Film
Siyao Gou – Now They Are Just Lines

Best Alternative Film Honourable Mention
Rowan Elliott – Pronouns

Best Fiction Film
Paul Villenave – Coming by Honestly

Best Fiction Film Honourable Mention
Carly Balestreri – Going Up Standing Still