June 9, 2022

AMPD launches graduation preparation podcast The Final Mile Club

Get career-ready with the Final Mile Club, anywhere at any time. 

The York University School of the Arts, Media, Performance and Design (AMPD) launched a graduation preparation podcast series, The Final Mile Club, hosted by Dean Sarah Bay-Cheng with industry guests including former Canadian Academy of Cinema & Television CEO Beth Janson, Hollywood Set Decorator Carolyn Loucks, and Marvel Studios voice actor Isaac Robinson-Smith

Just in time for Convocation, The Final Mile Club covers topics like how to score success in interviews, master a cold call and find enjoyment in exploring unexpected career pathways. Though designed for graduating students, the series can provide helpful advice for creatives at any stage in their artistic journey.  

The series is hosted on the AMPD Podcast website and is widely available across podcast platforms, including Spotify

Tune in to The Final Mile Club here

Episode Overview 

Combining Passion with Meaningful Work – Carolyn Loucks  

Explore how to expand your creative career path with Hollywood set decorator Carolyn Loucks. Her work on Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, Robocop and The Incredible Hulk are just some of the career highlights of her 25+ year career.   Join Carolyn as she discusses the importance of continuous education, work-life balance, and how first gigs out of school can lead to the unexpected.  


Finding Your Voice: Auditions, Practice, and Finding Your Own Path – Isaac Robinson-Smith  

Perfect the art of auditing with LA’s rising voiceover star Isaac Robinson-Smith who has nabbed roles in Marvel Studios’ What If…? and Black Panther: War for Wakanda.   Discover how new graduates can gain confidence through audition preparation, performer community vs competition, and finding relatable side-hustles that build toward a successful career.  


Getting Started in the Arts – Beth Janson  

Master the art of the cold call with Beth Janson, former CEO of the Canadian Academy of Cinema & Television and the current COO of the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). With more than two decades of experience in film and television across North America, Beth offers practical advice for the first steps in transitioning from university to the working world.