Interior photo of Notre Dame (via GlobalNews/Getty Images)
April 16, 2019

Global News interviews Prof Malcolm Thurbly about the Notre Dame fire

The interior of the church was an accomplishment in itself, because the roof was 35 metres (125 feet) high at a time when church interiors maxed out at 24 metres (80 feet), according to Malcolm Thurlby, a Gothic architecture expert and professor of art history at York University in Toronto.

Brandon Vickerd's DWELL. 2018 Dimensions: 45 feet x 24 feet x 20 feet Materials: Corten Steel Photo by Liam Olders Ariel
April 5, 2019

Prof Brandon Vickerd’s provocative new sculptures speak to the power and connectivity of public art

York University Professor Brandon Vickerd, a sculptor in the School of the Arts, Media, Performance & Design (AMPD), continues to make his mark on the Canadian landscape – both literally and figuratively. Three compelling new public art pieces prove this point: Dwell, installed in Ottawa in 2018; Wolfe and the Sparrows, slated for next month in Calgary; and The Passenger, which will be installed in Waterloo, Ont., in September.

April 5, 2019

YorkU Theatre Students ‘Gramming Prince Hamlet

After seeing Why Not Theatre’s Prince Hamlet at Canadian Stage for a course on theatre criticism, students at York University posted Instagram reviews under the hashtag #alttheatrePH. Instructor and PhD student Signy Lynch introduces this critical experiment, and offers insight into its theoretical framework. To read the reviews you can search #alttheatrePH on Instagram.

Amnon Buchbinder, photographed on Hornby Island, B.C. Image by Caleb Buchbinder
March 18, 2019

Two-day retrospective showcases York film Professor Amnon Buchbinder’s inspiring work

The work of Professor Amnon Buchbinder will be the subject of a two-day retrospective taking place March 22 and 29 at York University’s Keele Campus. The event, which is free and open to the public, features four films by the Genie award-winning filmmaker. As part of the retrospective, there will be a reception on March 29 to honour Buchbinder’s recent promotion to full professor.