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Motion Media Studio Summer Workshop Series

Motion Media Studio Summer Workshop Series

York U Motion Media Studio in partnership with Fae Pictures presents:  Summer 2022 workshops

York U Motion Media Studio in partnership with Fae Pictures presents: 

Summer 2022 workshops 


Friday June 17: Festival and Socials with Shant Joshi, Zaarin Bushra, Ingrid Veninger

Friday June 24: Producing in Prep with Shant Joshi

Thursday June 30: Producing in Production with Lindsay Blair Goeldner

Friday July 8: Producing in Post with Shant Joshi and Lauren Saarimaki 

Friday July 15: Creative Development/ Screenwriting with Abdul Malik


Shant Joshi Shant Joshi is a queer Indo-Canadian producer based in Los Angeles and Toronto. He is an alum of the Producers Lab at the CFC, holds a Certificate in Entertainment Law from Osgoode Hall Law School, and was named to York University’s inaugural Top 30 Changemakers under 30. 

Lindsay Blair Goeldner Lindsay is a film producer and karaoke enthusiast based in Toronto. After completing the Producer Lab program at the CFC in 2019, she teamed up with fellow Producer Lab alumni Shant Joshi to join Fae Pictures as the Director of Production. 

Abdul Malik Hailing from a family of Pakistani immigrants and with a degree in Film Production from York University, Abdul is an Edmonton-based photojournalist and screenwriter. He was recently named to the Netflix/Banff Diversity of Voices Initiative and is a member of the Writers Guild of Canada. 

Ingrid Veninger Ingrid Veninger holds an MFA from York University and has been a full-time faculty member in the Department of Cinema and Media Arts since 2019. Born in Bratislava, she has produced fifteen feature films and is a director member of the DGC. 

Lauren Saarimaki Lauren Saarimaki is a producer, actress and mental health advocate. Lauren has completed a BA in the Creative Industries. She has applied this knowledge in the creative organizations she has worked with. 

Zaarin Bushra Zaarin Bushra hopes to use storytelling as an avenue to uplift and amplify people of colour within film. Beyond acting and filmmaking, Zaarin continually works to implement practices that tangibly aid people of colour in the industry.