This is the home of the most outstanding and professional arts school facilities in Canada

Students working in the sculpture studio


In the arts, the opportunity to work in modern, highly specialized facilities makes a significant impact on learning.

In York’s School of the Arts, Media, Performance & Design (AMPD), students work in professional calibre, up-to-date facilities, and as a result they graduate with the skills and abilities required to join their chosen field in a professional capacity.

Students working in studio and rehearsal space.


AMPD offers ample studio and rehearsal space, professional stages, state of the art digital spaces, and perhaps most importantly, time to work, experiment, learn, and grow in the country’s best arts school facilities.

Our stages and studios are equipped with the tools and equipment necessary to develop as a well-rounded, flexible, and future-focused artist. Given access to the broadest array of creative tools and spaces, students not only acquire technical skills, but they experience the freedom to find their personal artistic voices. Understanding how things are made allows students to build an expansive context for creating and sets them up to build their professional expertise and networks. Our outstanding facilities allow students to become makers, operators, and practitioners in their own right. This self-reliance gives students an edge. Facilities like ours are few and far between, and once graduated, the opportunity to learn and practice in spaces like ours is rare.

Student working in the 3D printing lab

The comprehensive nature of our facilities, coupled with AMPD’s interdisciplinary focus, provides our students with corollary benefits.

A natural outcome for dance students, for example, is to build capacity in stage production. Visual Arts students become operators of a broad range of machines and tools. Our facilities foster a sense of self-determination in the creative process, and set students on a pioneering path of discovery.

Students filming a dancer


Phoebe Sequino working in the recording studio

“As a film student interested in both sound design and editing, the facilities at AMPD have been nothing short of amazing in helping me to create and collaborate on films that I have been proud to be a part of. As an editor I was able to work in edit suites equipped with power-house computers all installed with the latest software. As a sound designer, I had the opportunity to work in studios equipped with industry-standard technology that enabled me to record foley, voiceover and ADR, as well as design, edit and mix sound all in one place… AMPD has been an unforgettable creative and professional experience that has helped me achieve so much in such a short amount of time.”

– Phoebe Sequino (BFA ’14), Video and Digital Communications Specialist

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