This is Canada’s most comprehensive arts school

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In the arts, being able to pioneer new boundaries is vital.

York’s School of the Arts, Media, Performance & Design (AMPD) is the most comprehensive arts school in Canada, creating expansive opportunities for discovery. Our breadth is of enormous benefit to students. Because AMPD is large and includes so many creative disciplines, we are able to provide a broad range of faculty with diverse expertise, which translates into a larger range of disciplines taught and a lot more choice for students in terms of majors, minors, and electives.

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AMPD is an interdisciplinary art school

AMPD is an interdisciplinary art school, which means that while students are training rigorously in their discipline, they are also encouraged to experiment and explore other areas within AMPD and throughout the University.

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Here at York the possibilities are endless.

Due to its size, AMPD is able to provide many opportunities and programs that support students as they develop artistically and intellectually, including comprehensive advising, mentoring, and support programs to promote student success and build community.

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John Lowndes

“The curriculum is tailored to allow students to branch out and study concepts outside the traditional realms of art. Artistry today requires a great deal of scholarship, and York’s multidisciplinary approach to learning introduced me to many fields I have later introduced in my practice.”

– John Lowndes (BFA ’14), Photo Media Artist

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