If you are currently enrolled and registered as an undergraduate student and wish to request a transfer to a different academic program/degree, please review the information at: https://myacademicrecord.students.yorku.ca/program-change and submit your program change request via the following link: https://passportyork.yorku.ca/ppylogin/ppylogin.

A number of AMPD programs require an audition/interview/portfolio review before you can be admitted. When you submit your program change request, you should also contact the Department office (if by voicemail or email, always include your full name, student number, the course code, and instructors name)

Cinema & Media Arts (Film) CFT 221 or 416-736-5149 or cma@yorku.ca

Computational Arts (Digital Media) GCFA 232 or 416-736-5187 or comparts@yorku.ca

Dance ACE 301 or 416-736-5137 or dance@yorku.ca

Music ACE 371 or 416-736-5186 or musicprg@yorku.ca

Theatre CFT 322 or 416-736-5172 or theadept@yorku.ca

Visual Art & Art History GCFA 235 or 416-736-5187 or vaah@yorku.ca


Please note: Design is unable to accommodate Internal York Transfer students for 2019/20 and 2020/21.